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Dzuk is 100% Political™

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Hi, I'm Dzuk, I'm an orc on the internet and some kind of designer. I'm this instance's mod and janitor, I'm also a mod on Monsterpit.

I'm making a new emoji standard that includes queers, and furs and more! (@mutstd) - :orc: :d20: :awoo: :nb:

I also maintain an alternative bigot-free instance list you can give to your friends ( and a blocklist advisory you can give to your admins to make your Mastodon bigot-free (@blockchain).

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... and I also do a tech aesthetic blog with @tom! (@complications)

You can support me on Patreon (, on Liberapay ( or by buying emoji merch (

Hey @Gargron or other folks - my instance seems to have a problem sending confirmation emails to new users.

When I look at mailgun logs I have access to 30 days and I see zero emails sent to new users - but I DO see abuse reports.

What on earth could be causing this?

I guess this is why my instance has stayed pretty small, lol.

i saw this and immediately thought of mastodon so here you go folks

It's snowing lightly, so I must now head out to buy as many loaves of bread as I can carry, as is the custom in the UK.

damn, Mutant Standard's FAQ is getting big

*working towards cool Mutant Standard update ze is not going to reveal just yet*

me: *uses accented letter in project name*

software: "you can only use letters"

me: fuck off you north-american centric piece of shit á IS a letter

@dog @dzuk
In the science museum in London in the 70's there was an interactive display with a computer (!!) running an expert system: "guess the animal".
I once met a guy that claimed he hacked it: when you entered a rude word, it would say "that is a swear word." After he got to it, it said "That is a swear word, and so are all these…"

Want to hear your Mac swear at you? Someone found a kids' edutainment game from the 90s that was sabotaged to spit out swear words instead of stories.

12 fascinating europe facts, #7 will surprise you Show more

Browsers, talking about Apple products Show more

Browsers, talking about Apple products Show more

it's g̨̭l͞i̧̲t̟ç͔h̶̫̬͉i̠̥̣̭̩̩̯n̠̤g̢̺͉͇ ̯͚̱̱͘d҉̖͉̩̯̤̲a̱y̴̘͙̹ ̰̫̘̖͜

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