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So idk how we are formatting this but ICE @witchfynder_finder has my contact on various stuff and my moms # and TBH if anything with me is up they'll know p much right away.

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Why would anyone want a hetero version of Yuri on Ice when Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's reality show exists? #porkcutlet

"After their coach criticizes their lack of connection, the two call on French Canadian ballroom dancing champion Jean-Marc Généreux for help...“I want you to look at this guy like he’s … a piece of meat. I mean a filet mignon, and you really would like to have a bite,” says Généreux, as Moir caresses Virtue."

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literally the most important thing is that people are putting in effort to grow. seeing that growth in person is amazing. i love people

@vantablack ok so after awkwardly going back through your posts in the wrong order:
- Acrylic is defs the best to use if you dont have specific fabric paint.
- it's just important that it settles into the fabric instead of just resting on top which from your picture it looks like it did.
- Heat setting is a very good step to do and if the iron seemed pretty hot and it's acrylic it probably did set properly. also time=heat with textiles so if you're not sure its hot enough just do it longer :)

My goblin has germs and likely wont be able to come visit when we planned and i am sad about it :(
Also @witchfynder_finder is friggin adorable when sick (and in general) please send them healthy thoughts and cute things ~

the thing with Focus Pocus is if you cast it TOO well you get distracted.... by another productive thing that needs doing..

how even this, brain

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it is super hard not antagonizing Opeth fans.

and then i was like is it like when you love someone to the moon and back? like you love them SO MUCH

I gotta get SO MANY KNEES???

tbh some backup pairs would be good

Tales of the Tired Keltoi:
talking to my bestie about my pains. today it's mostly my knees (but often my back sucks too) and he was all "you gotta go on a quest for new knees.... and back"
And i thought he meant like go get knew knees and come back like.

Knees and Back Again a hobbits tale by me.

oh lawwd frigin help me from fighting these fucking idiots

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the problem with Focus Pocus is sometimes it casts spontaneously, like just now i fixed a necklace that's been broken for years cause it has a complicated chain, which is a nice thing to have done!
BUT i was just trying to put away todays jewellery and sit down and talk to Witch about visits and my feet are literally throbbing from work and i was standing there like "i gotta sit wtf" but i just... couldnt stop fixing?
Then again it's a very nice necklace and i'm happy i finally figured it out.

A stranger in a friend's comment section has just summed up life on the internet some days:
"im not sure knowing more about the world is helping me".

(jokes, i know it has helped me a lot and helped others even moreso but damn if there arent some days i just.. dont wanna)

felt sorta estranged from a close friend for a while now but he spent like an hour hyping me up for bein great without me even telling him i was running some strong emotional support on a couple other people tonight, and now we've spent the last hour and a half bantering about what various authors would be like to play D&D with.
So im feelin warm and fuzzy and very supported.
Also @witchfynder_finder did me a lot of support today and all the time so if im doin a fuzzypost I gotta include them

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