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Some guy just flipped a bitch switch over a scoop of tuna. The next two customers after him made jokes and thanked me for there food. Those two customers were awesome.

I've been completely lost in monster hunter world. If I'm not working or sleeping, I'm playing. I've already clocked over 200 hours and I'm not even close to bored.

This night is cray cray so far. I thought 12 year olds had curfews these days. Apparently not, the little bastards are ordering chicken strips and milkshakes at a phenomenal pace! :mind_blown_ms: :swearing_ms: :goblin:

Been trying to pop a uragon gem all night. No luck.

I'm not as good at running 2nd shift as I am at running 3rd. I need to do this more often. Mistakes made, 2. Mistakes caught just in time, 5. No Bueno.

Chillin out with the wife at out favorite restaurant/bar. The beer list is bigger than most food lists at chain restaurants. They keep it real at this mutha fucka.

I been stuck at work all night and all I can think about is playing Monster Hunter World.

Rewatching Breaking Bad again. This is my fourth watch through I think. It's such an incredible show. Watching the rise and fall of so many characters and how their lives intersect, sometimes without them even knowing. Everytime I watch, it just grabs me and doesn't let go.

Least productive night ever. I got two damn trainees. All I'm doing is training people and doing three peoples worth of work at the same time. :angry_horns_ms: :angry_steam_ms:

Pretty excited for Monster Hunter World. Game looks seriously fun.

One of my guys is really cranky tonight and slow as hell. Normally he's awesome or he'd be feeling my size 11. Everybody has off nights though and I'm no exception, but it's definitely making things difficult.

Dark Souls is finally coming back! So excited to play this since I missed it the first time around.

My sorceress has completed her journey and taken the fire for herself.

Oh, dear Brother… I’m on my way. My brother, unyielding sword of Lothric's Prince. Rise, if you would... For that is our curse.

So yeah it's freakin cold but I'm still rockin a hoodie.

Obligatory toot about how damn cold it is. The lcd screen in my car is having trouble displaying and it took two seconds for the minutes to change. Never seen it do that before.

It is insane in my store tonight. We're the only place open so everyone is here for food. Even one of our sister stores had to close due to a fire. I got called in early and it's been non stop. Gonna be a fun night!