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@eldang @alx thanks guys! I've been considering setting up a small patreon to help offset hosting, I can afford it but it's not nothing.

BUT, I won't accept anything until I get us back into mainstream form. Once I do that I'll make it known how folks can contribute.

Many thanks!

Notice for users of - we will be going down for maintenance tonight, and coming up sometime later tonight with a shiny new version.

Many thanks to @dzuk in particular for his patience with me as I work through some of this stuff! :-D

A science fiction show where a peaceful federation of aliens repeatedly refuses to admit the human race because they just can't give up on racism and violence... and each week, the humans attempt a violent or stupid scheme to trick the aliens into admitting them.

There are stonemasons outside putting my street back together! They are pretty interesting to watch. I told one of them that I didn’t get to see this very often and he agreed, saying β€œwe usually lay it down and don’t come back for a hundred years or so, eh?”

Struggling a bit with the realization that I definitely have pretty clear asperger’s syndrome, or whatever they’re calling it now.

Thinking about all of the people in my life I’ve disappointed or distressed just by being myself. Thinking about the years of confusion, of feeling broken, of feeling like I just don’t fit in the world.

Thinking of the pain of learning to fit, the trauma of shaping myself to conform to a pattern I literally can’t see.

I’m struggling.

I've finally revived the website I broke months ago, and I'm starting as I mean to go on by snarking at length about bad data analysis:

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Someone should make a website where you can take the thinking smiley emoji and distort it by pulling on it like in that Super Mario 64 tech demo.

Lovelies. I hope you're taking good care of yourselves and being gentle with yourselves today.

Hi, new people! I'm Dzuk, I'm a gay/queer/etc. orc, and I guess the most notable thing about me is that I make emoji that a lot of Mastodon instances use. I'm making even more emoji, with the end-goal of making a complete replacement set anyone can use. Check it out at

I like talking about lots of different kinds of design and games, I'm a mod of and I like sharing music that I like.


HERE'S A STARTER KIT's Introductory guide:

My guide on how instances work and a list of instances (a tad old now, but still relevant):

And just the pure list of instances if you already know what instances are:


Considering bundling up and walking through the snow to get ice cream because I can never remember doing that and I love ice cream and snow.

Heading out for a silent meditation retreat weekend. Internet-free zone, but I'll be thinking of you all, you amazingly awesome people, my new-found Mastodon pack.