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Ambassador from 🙃🌎🤘

I made a particular candle emoji for this moment. It's licensed public domain, you don't owe me anything by using this.

The dc:title and SVG <metadata> reads 'GNU Natalie Nguyen'.

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I want to send hugs and gentle comfort out into the universe today to anyone who wants and needs them. *huggggssss*

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I have phone interviews for part time positions in my field. This is weird?? And great. But weird.

I'm pretty good at making noise online when I perceive an injustice or when there's an existing bandwagon. Free from the internet outrage machine, how do I generate content that's meaningful to myself and others?

I mean, I don't want to stop talking about issues that are important, but I don't think there are easy answers to most of them and there's more to life than constant outrage. I want to feel refreshed by my use of the internet rather than exhausted by it.

I am thankful to be alive today. Because one different choice yesterday would have meant I probably wasn't. Goddamn, life is short.

In the immortal words of Michelle Eileen McNamara "It's chaos, be kind."

I was the kid who was up every tree, basketball hoop, on any roof - anywhere up I could be. But it's been decades since I was that strong or that free. I was terrified to try the climbing class. I wasn't the strongest or most talented. I fell a lot, bruised and scraped myself, but I kept at it. A year now.

Today one of my teachers invited me to join him and one other climber to the mountains.

"You are more than capable of climbing anything that I'm willing to lead," he said.

Sticker on a "No Parking Any Time" sign in :


instead of using hot water for wiping oil cleansing gunk off my face, i used gentle handmade toner*

*leftover tea

Kiddo went to school as Marilyn Monroe today. I just got a text, "the public adores me"

Of course they do.

Oh, just climbing in tutus. (middle is me)

My friend brought her 85 year old dad to the climbing gym today and he climbed a few routes. Came down off of one and said, "I've got to work on my upper body strength."

Dude, when I hit 85 I want to have the kind of outlook that says new things are worth learning and doing - and I can still get stronger. I also hope I laugh as hard and as often as he did today.

help this coffee shop contains an incredibly adorable small girlchild in a huge belle ballgown and a cardigan sulking into her hot chocolate