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Cat's Eye Technologies

City Connection (Jaleco, coin-op, 1985)

being one of the few hybrid platformer-driving games I'm aware of, and the only one I'm aware of in which the player must avoid a flag-holding cat and can jump to collect balloons to warp to other levels.


Alphaman (Jeffrey Olson, MS-DOS, 1995)

in which the protagonist must use their mutant powers to survive in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, figuring out mysterious gadgets and
eating mutated berries while they battle monstrosities such as Venetian Blinds.

Entry at RogueBasin:

Also, it's shareware! Download 💾 and run it in DOSBox.

Lost Tomb (Dan Lee/Stern Electronics, coin-op, 1982)

In which the protagonist is armed with an unlimited supply of bullets, but a limited number of whips.

But whips can take out walls!

And every so often the player is offered the opportunity to get 50 more whips for the low, low price of 1 additional credit.

...I did say that if it got to the point of something fancy like generating animated GIFs, I'd post something here. So here you go:

We've added a selection of the pictures we've made in the last few years (some digital, some pen-and-ink) to our Pictures index:

Added about 2 dozen pictures in total. A selection of this selection is included in this toot.

New installed online:

Kolakoski Kurve (2016)

Depicts the Kolakoski sequence (a.k.a. the "see-and-say" sequence) using turtle graphics, interpreting 1 as "go forward" and 2 as "turn right", in a variety of styles.

Linapple is an Apple II emulator for Linux. There are a few forks of it floating about on Github.

At some point, someone committed some screenshots to the repository. Maybe this was to demo the screenshot feature, but I'll wager it was on accident.

They appear to be of a game called "Conan" which I had not heard of and have not yet looked up.

Anyway, here they are.

: We've released version 0.10 of SixtyPical:

As we had hoped at the end of 2017, this version is enough to write a silly little video game in. (It's pretty awful actually, but it's video-game-like enough that you could argue that it is one.)


Here's some "year in review" stuff we did during 2017:

Played with again, after ~10 years, and put together some animated GIFs, which actually I had never done before.

We've released another minor release of SixtyPical, version 0.9.

Most of the improvements were in the name of getting it to the point where you could write a game in it. Indeed, we've written something vaguely game-like in it!

It still falls a bit short of what you'd actually want for that, and short of our vision for what this project should be, but we'll probably pick it up again sometime in 2018.

Some progress with SixtyPical: Wrote a program in it that lets you draw lines of characters on the screen with the joystick!

(The lines can go off the screen, which you could argue is utterly counter to the intent of this project, but, we're tactfully overlooking that for the moment. All in good time.)