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Cat's Eye Technologies

@chr Re-reading this toot of yours right now made me feel less weird about writing a compiler that targets the 6502 in 2018.

@vector @b It does. The prescriptivist I saw writing in the local newspaper's opinion column, complaining about people using "singular they", didn't seem to have any problem at all using "plural you" even though they're both ambiguous thank you very much

...btw, if you want a trippy optical illusion, stare at the center of the image on for about 60 seconds, then look at something else in the room.

Don't worry, I'm sure it doesn't damage your eyes.

Pretty sure, anyway.

@aparrish The trick here, I think, is to not talk about anything until about 10 years after it's released. That makes it much easier to tell if it has any enduring qualities that are worth talking about.

City Connection (Jaleco, coin-op, 1985)

being one of the few hybrid platformer-driving games I'm aware of, and the only one I'm aware of in which the player must avoid a flag-holding cat and can jump to collect balloons to warp to other levels.


We've finally removed jQuery from the website.

(It was only being used for making Ajax requests which are no longer necessary b/c it turns out JSONP is a better solution for these cases.)

@kawa I'm certainly an outlier w.r.t. your question, but since you asked - I "curate" a list of games I've found interesting over the years, and I do so in a Github repo. It's not a fantastic medium for the purpose, but it works.

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Alphaman (Jeffrey Olson, MS-DOS, 1995)

in which the protagonist must use their mutant powers to survive in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, figuring out mysterious gadgets and
eating mutated berries while they battle monstrosities such as Venetian Blinds.

Entry at RogueBasin:

Also, it's shareware! Download 💾 and run it in DOSBox.

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Things You Can Do While Waiting for Windows Update to Start, Part 3919:

Find and fix a bug in a VBScript WSH script you wrote 5.5 years ago as part of a vague plan to write a that could be played by just downloading it and double-clicking it.

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OK, decision made: SixtyPical will get a `for` loop. Like,

for x in 0..15 {
// here, we cannot write to x
// and we know x's range
// is 0 to 15 exactly

Nothing fancy, but as a starting point, it'll do the trick.