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Dzuque Lastname

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Hi, I'm Dzuk, I'm an orc on the internet. I tend to do things at an intersection of digital design and illustration. I'm this instance's mod and janitor, I'm also a mod on Monsterpit.

One of the things that I'm doing right now is called Mutant Standard (@mutstd), which is responsible for a lot of the cool emojos you see around Mastodon - :orc: :d20: :awoo: :nb: .

I also maintain a public blocklist advisory and from time to time I'm interested in hate groups and cults.

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My accounts:

@dzuk - General social account, some design.

@dzuk - Kind of an AD account, so 18+.

@mutstd - For Mutant Standard updates.

@complications - Tech aesthetic blog

@privateorc - Private account for mutuals/people I know well enough.

now, with our revolutionary SaaS (skateboard as a service) platform, you too can do a kickflip

hey... kid....

*opens long trenchcoat revealing tons of characters and hastily drawn small dragon-y people*

wanna play a kobold

@dzuk *the thing where people get their tongues stuck on lamp posts except my entire body freezes over*

How does everyone feel about starting the movie night next Saturday night (3rd March)?

Dealers are callin' it Cyber Suspenders. Somebody slips it into a kid's drink, next day they wake up in an alley covered in eggplant.

I'm really liking the post design in Pineapple atm.

Today I realized that I cannot expect people on the Internet to have heard of the Geek Social Fallacies any more.

The Geek Social Fallacies are five things that geeks often believe about How Socializing Should Work, that cause a lot of conflict. I've found them to be pretty useful as a way to put a handle on certain concepts, and maybe even avoid going into bad situations.

(Looking at them in 2017, I find myself wondering how many of the GSFs the design of most social networks is running straight into...)

Now with basic images and custom scrollbar for Safari (and other WebKit browsers~)

Hey friends! If you have a few bucks to spare consider sending em to Noelle so she can take care of her family and maybe take her kid to a movie!

She's done a ton for Mastodon by being a very good mod on, she really deserves a break.

tfw you come across some new weird sony tech hhhhhhh

I just learned about Sony NT Cassettes. Definitely a Complications post in the making.

(just realised that the CW label doesn't change - will do that another time~~~ :P)

Not really exciting, I know, but hey, look!

(and the online demo has been updated to match this -

(I would like to remind peeps that higher-contrast colours is an option/colour theming thing and it will be covered as this progresses~ ^∆∆^)

日本語〜 (idk it's nice seeing an alternative script sometimes)