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Dzuque Lastname @dzuk

Hi, new people! I'm Dzuk, I'm a gay/queer/etc. orc, and I guess the most notable thing about me is that I make emoji that a lot of Mastodon instances use. I'm making even more emoji, with the end-goal of making a complete replacement set anyone can use. Check it out at

I like talking about lots of different kinds of design and games, I'm a mod of and I like sharing music that I like.

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@dzuk I love your emoji! Am I not doing something right it can we not use it at weirder earth yet?

@compostablespork Thank you! we can't see or use any of my emoji yet until this instance is updated. @mykola is working on it :)

@dzuk RE: earlier tweet I made about missing blob emojis lol. Just seemed strange to find after I make that