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Dzuque Lastname @dzuk

~Reporting on Mastodon~

Your Mastodon instance moderators are responsible for what happens both inside and outside the instance. If you see something on any timeline that sucks, you can report it.

What happens on other instances is our business because our willingness to federate with them depends on how they keep their own users in check. :)

You can use the 'report' option in the little menu to send a report that us admins can look at :).

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(this doesn't apply to all instances, but I can't make an instance-only post, so, yanno...)

@dzuk THank! this is great for us semi-new folks who are all "what are protocol" *flail flail flail*

(sorry for using you for the demonstration @mykola, I figured it was best to use another admin than one of our users >w>)

@dzuk If you report someone on ANOTHER instance, what does that do?

@lychee One of the moderators on your instance will talk to the moderators of that instance about it in the hopes of a resolution.

@lychee Moderators on your instance can delete messages from other instances so that they do not appear on your instance anymore (the message will still be on the other instance), or suspend/mute users from other instances (the user will still be able to post on their instance, the messages will just not appear on yours)

@Nocta @lychee yep! I forgot about that part of the equation when writing it, but I prefer to talk to the instance first because then they know and then I can also tell if they are going to be a recurring problem or not. :)