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Sliders is kind of an interdimensional Buffy because it has it's own Giles, but better because he's the dwarf dude from LoTR. (idk, maybe professors were kinda common in those kinds of shows back then this is before my time)

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@dzuk Sliders is particularly fascinating because for a show that ran a reasonable run You're the first person I've seen mention it in over a decade. Like, no one I've mentioned the show to... ever, I think, has known what it was.

@Cybertrash yeah, I was really surprised to hear it had 5 seasons... The budget seems pretty sizeable too (at least for the pilot)

@dzuk Five seasons, a budget, and it had a themed ride at Universal Studios.

@Cybertrash @dzuk Great show!

Have you ever seen "Space: Above and Beyond"?

Same era on Fox, and basically just rehashed WWII serials, but I LOVE it!

@Cybertrash @dzuk i saw it a while back and it's...pretty weird, some of the episodes were great and others were like "...what?"

after a few seasons it kinda fell into a formula of
- go to parallel world where X is oppressing Y
- join underground resistance group of Y
- in the process of helping underground resistance group, get to thing/place/ability to help make next jump

kinda wanna rewatch it now but i remember there being a lot of ...pretty awful episodes to get through for only a few gems

@chr @Cybertrash Now you're kinda reminding me of Farscape (which also had a siseable run and budget and aired at a similar time period and seems obscure as fuck) which I saw all 4 seasons of

@Cybertrash @chr idk.... they were scooby-dooing around the ship for a lot of episodes and I kinda got tired of that but then for me it somehow picked up in the 4th season and I remember that more fondly than the other seasons I think?