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Yesterday I learned that Games Done Quick use open source software for their broadcast graphics. The person responsible for developing the layouts and some of the software involved has done a video series on their GDQ layouts system, and GDQ open sources their broadcast layouts each year.

(video series)

(GDQ's Github)

(Backbone software)

(thanks @codl!)

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(as someone who is into broadcast design, this is extremely my shit)

(some of you may be horrified to hear this, but they use Electron for part of it)

@dzuk that choice is between them and their deities.

@dzuk @codl

I actually knew this already, but it's still astounding to realize now and then that they're using the same production level open source software that I use for my recording and streaming.

@dzuk @codl This is so neat! I was just saying how cool it'd be if this year's awesome GDQ graphics wound up being HTML5/JS, and look! :D

@dzuk @codl This is neat! I want to link this on Hacker News. Do you want me to link this toot or copy and paste and leave you out of it?