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Fun fact: because PAL runs at 25fps, whenever a British TV channel airs a standard format movie, they have to run the film 1/24th faster because you can't fit 24fps into 25fps.

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Yes, this does mean that the sound is at a slightly higher pitch, too.

@dzuk couldn’t you just randomly pick one frame per second to show twice and play the audio at normal speed? Or would that be too noticeable?

@packetcharmer people would probably notice the stuttering IME

@packetcharmer Tbh, you don't notice the slightly higher framerate under normal circumstances. I only have because I really got into certain films that I only had TV recordings of and then I saw the DVD/whatever release and then I was like 'aaaaaah'.

@packetcharmer (Also my film analysis lecturer back at university told my class about that, otherwise I may have not picked up on it.)

@dzuk @packetcharmer i highly notice both the pitch change and the way conversations feel.. just slightly rushed

thankfully it's pretty easy to slow stuff down to 96% speed when you rip the dvd or w/e

24fps does fit into 50hz with computer output algorithms, but they needed a quick&dirty way back in the 70s (or,, whichever year) for the telecine machines

it's about 50/50 with modern dvd releases if they'll do a more advanced scale or a 104% playback speed

@dzuk also some channels speed up shows slightly to make room for more commercials lol

@vantablack @dzuk I think that happens everywhere. It's disconcerting when you notice it.

@dzuk @vantablack

old news. Radio stations do this for music too.

@dzuk @vantablack you know what show this is wicked wicked noticeable with?? seinfeld

@vantablack @dzuk yea its definitely very prominent on older reruns, more than just a little speedup

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@dzuk this is random but you just reminded me- i've always kinda wondered why your crt w test pattern emojo uses the SMPTE/NTSC test pattern instead of a PAL one

@snoothy interesting observation! I'm looking at PAL test cards now and I can say that I would stick with NTSC because at a glance it seems like PAL test cards are way more visually complicated and wouldn't work as emoji.

The math of things helps NTSC and ATSC because 30/60 frames per second and the common denominator of 6, though some people end up noticing it in the form of perceived (but not actual) speedup.
Of course, because PAL is obsolete now (being an analog broadcast format) and TVs can do 60Hz, the problem is theoretically moot. (Though probably still a thing in reality.)

@Terxbor @dzuk the DVB standard, what every single way of receiving TV uses in the UK now (DVB-C for cable, DVB-S for satellite, and DVB-T for terrestrial aerials) is defined as 25p or 50i, with no option for any other framerate.
so every broadcast show still has to scale to 50hz, even if the TV's panel natively runs at 60hz (many LCDs sold in europe do natively run at 50 tho) even ones in HD, even tho the blurays will show the content in its native 24p or 30p/60i.
so, remnants still very very relevant

@dzuk @Terxbor funnily enough, this is a large part of netflix and amazon's success here – people prefer the 30fps stuff they serve, which don't have a UK-specific version, and the pacing just feels less rushed and tense and stuff.
at least with the people who know me, so i'm sure there's sample bias there

@Terxbor @dzuk but of course, uk shows that were produced in 25fps in the first place still play at their right speed on netflix

so it's basically just a more flexible standard by virtue of netflix having so many codec and resolution options, while DVB (or DVB..2? II? for HD) has to be a tight standard so every single box built will be able to receive it without having to do updates or anything

it seems like it won't rly stop, attempts to standardise on a worldwide frame rate never settle on 50 or 60