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Dzuque Lastname

Not really exciting, I know, but hey, look!

(and the online demo has been updated to match this -

(I would like to remind peeps that higher-contrast colours is an option/colour theming thing and it will be covered as this progresses~ ^∆∆^)

日本語〜 (idk it's nice seeing an alternative script sometimes)

Want to give your friends an instance list that isn't the garbage fire of

✨~It doesn't have bigots in it!~✨

(I just made it in a few hours and I'd like to make this into something more interactive, but I hope it's a good start ^∆∆^')

I saw this really Y2K travel card thing last night and I figured I had to share it with you @tom

Speaking of MiniDiscs, if you want a cyberpunk film with quite a lot of MD action, check out Strange Days.

A Very Cronenberg Valentines is gonna get virtual - we're gonna begin tonight with Videodrome and end with eXistenZ!

Videodrome will air at 7pm US West / 10pm US East / 3am London / 04:00 CET / 12:00 Japan / 14:00 Melbourne!~

(CW: physical violence, sexual violence, straight up sex and suicide)

I shall open the room 30 minutes before to give people time to settle in~