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Dzuque Lastname

Hey Masto! Do you know someone looking for housing in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County area? My partner and I urgently need a roommate, and we're looking for someone queer and quiet to join us! Rent is $800/mo plus utilies. Please boost if you're able!

As you can notice, the instance is often crashing. This is because the server it is on is frequently running out of RAM. I am unfortunately not always available to react immediately either.

Storage space is going to be an issue at some point too.

Unfortunately, it's the only tier of server I have access to financially.

If you would like to change this and make the instance faster and more reliable by allowing me to upgrade the server, you can donate on Liberapay:

*banging on your bedroom window even though youre on the 5th floor* heeeey

now, with our revolutionary SaaS (skateboard as a service) platform, you too can do a kickflip

hey... kid....

*opens long trenchcoat revealing tons of characters and hastily drawn small dragon-y people*

wanna play a kobold

@tom *the thing where the slime ice sculpture has to be wheeled inside to a fireplace*

@dzuk *the thing where people get their tongues stuck on lamp posts except my entire body freezes over*

@tom definitely a good idea to not leave the apartment then~~ >∆∆<

@tom there a slime freezing/melting point?

@tom it's -1 here and I feel the same way

How does everyone feel about starting the movie night next Saturday night (3rd March)?

Dealers are callin' it Cyber Suspenders. Somebody slips it into a kid's drink, next day they wake up in an alley covered in eggplant.