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Dzuque Lastname

@dzuk i'm so synergized i forget where i end and the disruption begins

I am still tragically misestimating where to merchen the emojos because I'm not my fucking audience for most of this aaaaaa

(Yes this means I will do leggings now fuccc)

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ok you can't have the design be called "made in japan" and have it feature the dull NA colours come on

Someone help @chr come up with a use for (which is a domain that they own)

The A record tells you where your site is
The AAAA record does the same but louder

Now I want something with the domain (which I do not own and have not confirmed whether it has been owned or not)

Man, I just love the fucking name of cybercafés and the /concept/ they evoke in my mind, which is kinda related to all that Web 1.0 bullshit utopianism.

Dammit I keep laughing about seeing my own smileys on merch.

It's nice to finally be building up the finished merch exports. fuuuuuuuck x_x

I think I need to find me some new pronouns

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Streaming idea: watch me play BioShock Infinite ha ha ha ha ha

Converting :crt: :crt_w_noise: :crt_w_prompt: :crt_w_test_pattern: :crt_w_blue_screen: etc into print. COMPRIMISES WILL BE MADE.

If you want to do PC gaming on a budget and are worried about fucking cryptoshit miners, AMD has released new budget CPUs with integrated graphics that are so good that you can play many popular games like Overwatch at 60fps on low settings without the need for a dedicated graphics card.

The Ryzen 3 2200G retails for £100/$100 and Ryzen 5 2400G costs £170/$170.