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Computers == The Worst Show more

Dog breeds should be called genres

once i just saw a beautiful pure white peacock on the street in new york city

everyone was just ignoring it

i followed it down an alleyway

i wish i could say it led me to a wonderous alternate dimension but it just led me to a peacock garden


Mutant Standard's colour of the year (and every year) is RGBA 0, 0, 0, 0.


If you had that on a t-shirt you’d be loved.

existential horror Show more

Cyberpunk is here. Never forget that CV Dazzle(a makeup aesthetic intended to defeat facial recognition software I think?) is a thing that exists

It's only fate if you didn't do it yourself

You committed a crime when you read this.
Keep it up. It's our only hope.

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…So I'm wondering if the central unspoken(?) contention of the 20th and 21st centuries hasn't been "Are Positivism and Social Justice Irreconcilable?"

Sony Clié PEG-UX50 (2003).
This is quite a PDA, huh. Like other Cliés, this was intended to be a fully-functional multimedia device. (Sony being Sony, called them 'Personal Entertainment Communicators')

Check out this link where an owner of one of these talks about how they felt about it from 2011. (It's also where most of these pics are from)


a.weirder.earth/media/91Gy9oEf a.weirder.earth/media/Z5B8AqHO a.weirder.earth/media/YlBv4mPU a.weirder.earth/media/YBrqg98j

If you want to listen to some weird/new music sometimes, there's an online radio station which doesn't have any ads or sponsoired bullshit. It's just people playing music they're into 24/7 from different parts of the world (mainly London, Manchester and LA):


I mentally pronounce the 'mh' in CWs as 'muh'

from: Apex Brand Management
re: online identity package
We're telling you, this is what's going to put your name on the map. You're going to be The Guy Who Wants Horses to Eat Him and Is Willing to Trick Horses to Accomplish This Task.

It's a market niche that has literally ZERO competition, baby. The field, where you're going to die, because you were eaten by horses... it's wide open.