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Mutant Standard

There are also Mutant Standard stickers available on both merch stores!

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Mutant Standard's colour of the year (and every year) is RGBA 0, 0, 0, 0.

Here are all of the process sketches that went into Mutant Standard 0.1.0, with bits of writing as to how things worked and how I felt about them.

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Friendly reminder to admins:

If you are using Mutant Standard emojos (or remixes of them), they are licensed CC BY-NC-SA so you should be attributing me in your instance description. I know Mastodon's copy feature can make that easy to miss, that's okay!

If you want to know how to attribute properly, check out step 3 of It's really quick!

Examples of some Mutant Standard emoji are shown below:

Because of a really generous Liberapay donation, the project has blasted through the first goal of $100/mo!

It's finally pushed me to quickly shift goals from Patreon to the website (as I had wanted to in December but just ran out of time).

In it, you can see a combined total from both Patreon and Liberapay and a clear overview of goals for the project.

Been working a little as I'm feeling well and have spare time and stuff.

Here's a colour test of all the current colours in the next version of MutStd, in all hand types.

Sneeeek Peeeeks

(A snippet of an internal style guide I'm making to make emoji designing more efficient and a picture of some new colour modifiers I'm working on)