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Mutant Standard

Credit to @dzuk and @mutstd for the two emojos I combined

I look forward to when Drip beomes public, I hope that's really soon~

@ePirat I think the federation and search systems are the biggest obstacles - it's really hard to find new things without it getting boosted your way. I think they're planning on improving the power of search (but apparently at a cost to server performance :S)

@ePirat That's so cool! I think I underestimated Mastodon's discoverability issues until I actually started using Twitter myself XD

Prayer circle for @mutstd

They joined Birdsite

@funbreaker dw, Mastodon will always be my main 💚

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I guess I'm curious about what people who have actually used Twitter (which isn't me) think about it and if it's worth doing.

@eldang Yeah, this was the case I was thinking about it for. I do not have the interest/desire/whatever to actually be there on a personal level.

What do people think about me making a Twitter account?

Pros (in my mind atm):
- Audiences who aren't on the places I'm currently at

- It's Twitter

I keep bouncing this around because I know of people who just use Twitter basically and nothing else and because Mastodon is a small world, but those are some strong cons.

(boosting for other time zones >△△>)

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Thank you for your support and patience again. It's stil been a pretty bad month for me, and there was so much about this wave of merch that took a lot longer than expected because I was getting into new media and processes which I've never really done before.

I'll talk about some of my experiences and give tips about making merch in a future blog post.

There are also Mutant Standard stickers available on both merch stores!

Okay, that one actually has image descriptions. Sorry for quickly taking it down!

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