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Mutant Standard

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Thank you for all your patience and support with my current situation. 💚

0.1.0 has been quite a while in the making, and I'm starting to lose track of emoji scheduled for release in this version, so I'm rounding them up now and getting them out there so they're set in stone, even though I've got a bunch of other emoji that are in development and almost ready for release (which will be 0.1.1)

Current release schedule:

- 0.1.0 (next day or so)
- Merch Wave 2 (next week)
- 0.1.1 (the week after that, depending)

Let me know if you have any suggestions for merch; I've found a vendor for mugs and I'm going to be making another wave of merch alongside releasing 0.1.

I'm kind of in the weird position where I like my emoji, but I'm a minimalist person in style so I wouldn't buy most of the merch I make so I don't have the greatest sense of what my fans would actually want on stuff, heh.

Just added a section on the first post about my computer hardware! Because I know that sometimes artists get all mixed up about that kind of thing sometimes.

Before I post all of the behind the scenes process pictures whenever I release the next update, I figured I would try to summarise how I make emoji a bit to try to pull back the curtain on what I do.

if you've thought of making your own emoji, this might help you and give you some things to think about:

had it in me to do a little more...
(improved human 👌 as well as claw and paw versions)

Don't forget, if you wanna make your own Telegram sticker packs with Mutant Standard emoji, there's a guide and downloads:

I've improved the Telegram demo sticker pack some more... it finally has :headpats: !!!

(Also instance admins, if you wanna be notified of cool new emoji updates from Mutant Standard, you can follow this account ✪w✪)

Friendly reminder to admins:

If you are using Mutant Standard emojos (or remixes of them), they are licensed CC BY-NC-SA so you should be attributing me in your instance description. I know Mastodon's copy feature can make that easy to miss, that's okay!

If you want to know how to attribute properly, check out step 3 of It's really quick!

Examples of some Mutant Standard emoji are shown below:

now the back of my sketchbook is also very good thanks to @dzuk !

i need more stickers to surround my centerpiece though.

@mutstd These look like cursors, if you flip them vertically