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Semi-regular reminder that if you are someone who wants to support the existence of, we do not have a Patreon.


You should immediately go and back @dzuk's Mutant Standard Patreon instead. Ze spends a ton of time moderating and working to make this place the pleasant environment that it is.

Random facebook memory:

A two panel comic. In the first panel, a cat is asleep in a sunbeam, dreaming. We see its dream: a police captain is shaking its paw, saying "You're a hell of a detective, cat!"

In the second panel, a police detective is asleep at his desk, dreaming. We see his dream: he's hanging out with a group of 'cool' cats, and one of them says "You're a hell of a cat, detective!"

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Came across this and figured there are at least three people here who would love it:

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Anyone hiring software engineers? Looking for remote opportunities. Most of my work experience is in C# and SQL but I can work in whatever language is called for (love Python, F#, JavaScript, and Elm). Mostly just looking for a healthier work culture.

hey y'all I'm looking for a programming gig in NYC that involves doing good things and working with amazing people. I can do all kinds of code. Who do you know who is looking?

This is a really good website if you like , or , or the mathematics of puzzles:

The graphical overview and the article on PSPACE-completeness of certain puzzles are well-worth checking out, imo.

hey @Gargron I've had multiple new users not get emails lately. I checked mailgun but I don't have any failures there. I am able to manually 'confirm' users from the moderation interface.

But ideally I want the existing workflow to work. Is this a known issue, is there some fix?

hey so question, I sometimes have a user who tries to sign up but doesn't get the confirmation email.

Is there a rake task I can run or something to resend confirmation emails that weren't accepted?

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hello friends. what are you reading?

Hey friends (or strangers?): message me right now if you have any leads on emergency housing for a friend and a cat.

me: come on. we gotta do work. come on.
brain: we're sorry, all our representatives are currently busy assisting other callers. your call is very important to us. please stay on the line and a representative will be with you shortly. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ
me: god DAMN it

Altered Carbon is good, modulo casual sexism and mispronunciation of my name.

But hey, itโ€™s my name, in the script of a piece of media Iโ€™m watching. This is actually a first for me.

Hey weirdos, sorry about the downtime - we are back!

@miscellanium you can find more examples of art on birdsite under the same handle as here. there's also @ sawatarishingo (though right now the only unique piece on there is the nsfw guzma ). and you can find more examples of my fanfiction here: