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mykola πŸ™ƒπŸŒŽπŸ€˜ @mykola

@eldang @alx thanks guys! I've been considering setting up a small patreon to help offset hosting, I can afford it but it's not nothing.

BUT, I won't accept anything until I get us back into mainstream form. Once I do that I'll make it known how folks can contribute.

Many thanks!

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@mykola please do, I'm with @alx and @eldang in that I'd be glad to contribute in any way I can.

@mykola @eldang @alx I'm late to the conversation but I'd be willing to help as well. I like it here and it's only fair to contribute.

@NightModeHuman Myk suggested that anyone who wants to contribute give something to @dzuk's Patreon: he's a moderator here, and designs the cool custom Mutant Standard emoji we've got.