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I just decided to take my violin on an airplane in a couple of months and oh jeez how is this gonna go

Apparently when my parents board their dog, she breaks out of her cage and goes around and visits all the other dogs.

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There's a giant crab on the freeway again, ugh

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This coffee meeting will likely not result in any work for me in the near future, but I got to sit around drinking tea and making fun of the blockchain

People in our taiji group were asking after my partner this morning, concerned about his well-being, and I was delighted to report that he was not there because he had gone skiing.

It’s lovely to have a community.

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hey y'all I'm looking for a programming gig in NYC that involves doing good things and working with amazing people. I can do all kinds of code. Who do you know who is looking?

There is a small herd of goats called the “Vege-lantes “ and they’re gonna do some weed control:

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if i were a rich man
all day long i'd
if i were a wealthy man

I liked the apricot ponchik better than the vanilla ponchik.

you cannot deny my entire family's love of paczki, though. then again, what's not to like about paczki?

In other news, I have been making polish food at home in my crockpot and I had no idea where it came from:

I got the recipe from my grandma, who calls it "pigs in a blanket".

I honestly suspect that grandmother's roots are Polish, although she claims otherwise; I would guess that this is due to anti-Polish sentiment back in the day. But her maiden name is a Polish one, which says something.

I was awake for a grand total of seven hours yesterday, one of which was spent in the bathtub, and I am feeling much better now.

Good news: I just ate a transcendently delicious apricot ponchik.