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not-on-pizza πŸ’ƒ

affirmations, or potentially just convincing myself Show more

All this talk of bots is making me want to make one... Is there any good "where to start" type stuff around?

I have, both on a whim and because I'd kinda wanted to for a while, migrated accounts!

I am now @chao ! ^_^

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Amiga nerding on my timeline. Makes me wish I still had access to mine...

Finally managed to nail down where a solo was going in some music I've been slowly working on for over a year, now.

Now I just need to make it be in something other than a boring sine wave...

hey would it be possible to get mastodon to stop ruining gifs by converting them to mp4? not every gif is a shitty render of a movie and it absolutely DESTROYS pixel art

Somehow, I have mentally programmed my expectations in a way that has the expected behaviour of rev(1) and tac(1) backwards... 🀦

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happy feb 14th y'all

tell the people you love that you appreciate them.

tell them why.

may there be peace, love, health, and fully automated luxury queer space socialism for us all

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mh, emotions, personal openness (~-) Show more

a lot of people had a rough day today

thank you so much for taking care of each other

people also took care of me


really important

all of it

please take care still


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@fluffy actually, it's not! ねこ ("cat") = ねこま ("cat", obsolete) = にゃ ("sound a cat makes") + こま ("four-legged animal"). In Japanese, a cat is literally a "meow beast".

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Does anyone know if the fediverse has settled on a hashtag for this Winter Olympics?

Relatedly, was watching the first rounds of the Curling mixed doubles. I hadn't seen that form of the game before. Watching it will take some getting used to, though. I'm too familiar with the 4v4 version...