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All this talk of bots is making me want to make one... Is there any good "where to start" type stuff around?

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@kara @not_on_pizza
Most of the material floating around is specific to twitter, unfortunately.

Here's a collection of tutorials:

If you're looking to make an 'art bot' that says interesting nonsense based on rules (rather than a markov bot that says interesting nonsense based on somebody's posts), I recommend using CheapBotsDoneQuick, which uses tracery:

@not_on_pizza @kara
There are or were ports of CBDQ to mastodon. I think the main one went down, & I haven't gotten around to finding a replacement.

If you want to make a markov bot, on the other hand, I recommend trying this:

(I don't have much experience with it, but lots of people are using it so it shouldn't be hard to find support.)