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Semi-unrelated to previous: 0 characters left! :fistpump:

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solitaire.exe Windows 98 playing cards by Evan Roth (2012). Card faces by Susan Kare, beach scene card backs by Leslie Kooy.

@gannet So, I have an oddly specifc knitting question for you, with some possible follow-up: How possible is it to make strongly textured things, just with knitting?

Hey weirdos, sorry about the downtime - we are back!

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And so, the month of weirdness begins with a question:

Does anyone here know anything about Non-Maximal Linear Feedback Shift Registers?

I saw a thing in my feed... I forget the exact nature of it, but it was about trying to be less negative on social media this month...

Given how little I toot, that's not really a challenge? I tend to not open up about much. So... I think I'm going to try a month of being more weird.

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Do you like someone's creative output? Tell them today.

Trust me, they'll appreciate it.


"Some users are reporting kernel panicks after installing Apple's latest Spectre patch, and are unable to boot."

Possibly "related to Carbon Black, which is often found on corp Mac networks" but not necessarily.

Do not patch at this time.

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