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Puppy Selfies for the hard times Show more

I would like to set the phrase "...we can just" on fire.

As in: "Well, we can just put this together."

Would you like to make someone else's work seem less valid and like they didn't spend any time on it? Use the phrase "we can just" and then make a recommendation that you're sure they've never thought about.


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Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.

Anyone on Masto know about #IFTTT and Google Calendar? Show more

My new favorite thing is Salt Bae as a verb.

Future tense: "I'm gonna Salt Bae it."
Past tense: "I just Salt Baed it"

Thanks @ietyler

@tcql @mykola @fdgonthier You three have literally turned my day around in minutes. I am deeply grateful.

thank you thank you thank you

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FRIENDS! I need emergency upbeat music to get me out of my funk. Any ideas?

How is it possible to be frustrated with a hypocrite and still feel like you're disappointing people?

Brains are a weird place to live.

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Hey nerds I worked pretty hard on this,

and I'm trying to help get more people on the platform. Maybe y'all want to read it? I am extremely vain but I think you'll agree with the premise.

@dzuk @snoothy

I just heard a song that mentioned "the cool cathode ray" and had flashes of Videdrome.

Thanks friends :thumbs_up_hmn_g1:

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That head bumping thing cats do when you hold your hand out to them.

Boost if you agree.

For someone who uses a lot of social media, I sure do dislike it. Today I am reminded of my particular dislike of LinkedIn. It feels even lazier and more useless than Facebook.

And never in my professional career have I found it a functional tool for finding high quality jobs or professional contacts.

Does anyone have any particular feels about it? Especially positive. If you do, I would love to hear them.

I threw this out there yesterday, but wanted to post it again. If you'd like to get a homemade postcard for International Correspondence Writing Month (which I totally forgot was in February), let me know!

I would love to make and mail a postcard to wherever you want on the planet.

Also if you want to know more:

🐌 ✉️ 🐌 ✉️ 🐌 ✉️ 🐌

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skeletor is a really cool guy. very supportive.

Three good/interesting things from today:
1. Gifts of chocolate from my family.
2. Playing with a very excited young child and his racecar while waiting for delicious takeout.
3. A Very Cronenberg Valentines actually happening. Thanks @dzuk

The office candy dish brims with Jolly Ranchers. Your fingers fumble toward the bottom pulling up memories with its sugared counterpart.

A brisk fall evening spent watching Ghostbusters projected on the side of a museum. He brought candy and offered you blue raspberry because he remembered. This is love-you thought.

The memory and the treat withdraw. That tiny act of consideration meant the world then because it was all you got. But you deserve so much more.

You know that now.

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Roses are red
Violets are fine
I've brought you the skull
Of St. Valentine

Wrote my three good things post for yesterday, and promptly switched screens and forgot to toot. So it goes.

Lovely events from yesterday:
- Did some tidying up yesterday morning, so I felt refreshed when I came home to a neat apartment.
- Got to catch up with @ietyler for a bit and just check in.
- Taking time to chat with coworkers and remembering that I actually really like the people I work with.