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Dear Wayne,

You will never see this, but I adore you and I absolutely love working with you. Your kindness is a balm on my soul, and you remind me of how tiny little things can exude goodness and love. Even your shortest emails make me smile. I'll stop gushing right after I proclaim from the rooftops that the world needs more people like you.

Your friend, Amanda

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Living in the future is terrifying, and sometimes really fun.

Peacocks are dinosaurs. Fight me if you believe otherwise.

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Can we talk about how good the new Mutant Standard stickers @dzuk made turned out?

The glitch are back. Folding my papers and chasing each other across my desk.

My favorite band made socks with bats on them... so now I have socks with bats on them 😍

LED candelabras are something I need more of in my life.

Everything is really hectic and insane in my life at the moment... so what do I do? I make a seaweed wig for my Halloween costume that I don't have any place or reason to wear. Ahh escapism at its finest.

Usually I forget that I have the Millennials Begone plugin on my browser. But today I googled "millennial" to make sure I was spelling it right... Priceless.

TFW you're trying to find a new bed, but Bedknobs and Broomsticks ruined you and all you really want is the magical flying brass bed that Angela Lansbury turned into a cartoon on.

This postcard has been sitting on my desk since @ietyler sent it to me last year. It is probably one of the best representations of my personality in existence.

Reminder to look up from the difficult things in my path: 2014 was not a great year in my life. And I just realized that if I had taken my head out of my own sphincter for five minutes I would have learned that Monty Python was doing a farewell performance and could have figured out a way to see them in person (which had long been a dream of mine I thought impossible).