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@erinbee @zigg

I did one more click just for funsies and got:

gold Star Wars lesbian astronaut

This I will also accept

@zigg @erinbee Primary: strong bear
Secondary: disco gay

Both of these titles I will accept.

I would like to set the phrase "...we can just" on fire.

As in: "Well, we can just put this together."

Would you like to make someone else's work seem less valid and like they didn't spend any time on it? Use the phrase "we can just" and then make a recommendation that you're sure they've never thought about.


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@ietyler What are you reading?!?! I'm trying to suggest Slack or something like it for work, and I'd be interested to know the downsides, too.

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Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.

Anyone on Masto know about #IFTTT and Google Calendar? Show more

My new favorite thing is Salt Bae as a verb.

Future tense: "I'm gonna Salt Bae it."
Past tense: "I just Salt Baed it"

Thanks @ietyler

@tcql @mykola @fdgonthier You three have literally turned my day around in minutes. I am deeply grateful.

thank you thank you thank you

@mykola Yas! My anti-brain funk playlist is going to be EPIC!
Thank you! :thumbs_up_hmn_g1: 💚

@tcql No but this is great! And I have a stupid idiot grin on my face.

Thanks friend!

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@DialMforMara I love that they used the Bullet Club template. I super love this.

FRIENDS! I need emergency upbeat music to get me out of my funk. Any ideas?