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I just re-watched the match only this time I introduced my dad to the joy that is Kenny Omega. I think I've made an NJPW believer out of my old man.

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I just submitted a talk to DeconstructConf, and if you haven't given a conference talk before, you should too! From their website:

* Goal one: get new people into conference speaking. First-timers only.
* Goal two: increase diversity (though anyone is allowed to submit).
* We cover all travel expenses and pay you $3,000.
* You commit to practice the talk several times.
* We'll mentor you in whatever way you need!

I think there will always be growing pains. Growing into. Growing out of. Growing away from. Growing toward.

I think there may be more than one constant, Change. Growth is coming for you.

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

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there are kids alive today who have never asked jeeves anything

Is there a phase of burnout where you brain just stops working? I think that might be where I am now.

It's clearly cold here. Small fuzzy things are under the covers stealing my body heat.... the moochers. 😼😼

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Is there a job where you just get to think big thoughts? I would be good at that.

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And yes, that means I didn't make it through the entirety Wrestle if you spoiler me, I will not be forgiving with my rage.

Or less grumpily: please no spoilers, I can't talk about it yet!

Me: ::yawning::

Coworker: Oh no, don't do that. Why are you tired.

Me to self: <<Do I lie or do I tell the truth?>>

Me out loud: Well I didn't go to bed until 6:30 this morning because I was watching Japanese professional wrestling.

I was planning on taking a nap before Wrestle Kingdom... whoops! Tomorrow is going to be rough.

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Semi-regular reminder that if you are someone who wants to support the existence of, we do not have a Patreon.


You should immediately go and back @dzuk's Mutant Standard Patreon instead. Ze spends a ton of time moderating and working to make this place the pleasant environment that it is.

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

Phew! A bat rescue volunteer came and picked up my little friend. One bat saved! It's a small thing, but I still feel like I did good in this world today.

Oh internet, keeper of random knowledge... why do you not have any useful information on what to do when you find a single bat in your home during cold winter months?

I know so much about bat eating and hibernation habits, and nothing about what to do about the best way to get this little sweetie back into the wild.

In other news, there is a baby bat in my office, and he just yelled at me.

Currently researching what to do with baby bats.