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@pendulumscale id like to be on masto more but i really miss fandom content and i have a lot of friends only on shitsite

why is it that every time i try to do something good people have to be huge assholes? i make a cw list for an anime that just released and ppl were taking interest in without having a clue what its about and someone 1. thinks its stupid i made it to begin with despite hundreds of people thanking me and 2. criticizes my spelling despite the post being understandable and then gets extremely aggro when i explain im dyslexic

Pro tip: Like split infinitives and ending a sentence with a preposition, grammarians of the 18th and 19th centuries proscribed the singular "they" not because it was actually bad English grammar but because you can't do it in Latin.

update on pumpkin, the me and @miscellanium rescued. the first pic is a photo of her the first day we saved her and the other two are her now about a month later. she is spayed and almost fully up to date with her shots and acting like a kitten now instead of a desperate, neglected animal
never give up on those who could use your help the most a.weirder.earth/media/FogqbMDl a.weirder.earth/media/yyNE0vyM a.weirder.earth/media/5gFp1I1T

i am so happy we got vanilla creamer today bc it makes this tea amazing

@pendulumscale im glad i looked into diy bc we got all the stuff for it for abt $25 instead of the $200 gates u can buy

lb: this poor little former stray kitty is skin and bones... she's looking rather spiffy with her brand new name tag but I hope we can get her in better shape before she's spayed (and I hope we get enough donations to help cover the cost of that...........) a.weirder.earth/media/mlT1XNfw a.weirder.earth/media/10cnLy_L

resuced a cat this weekend and boy is it a lot but its so wonderful to help this poor kittycat out

you ever wonder if willy wonka is actually just anubis and hes taking those children and their guardians to hell to judge their souls and the river they go down in the factory is the river of heaven/hell