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hypertext thomasson @snoothy

did you give your computer a name? why or why not? discuss

@snoothy both my computers are named after jungle book characters, Bagheera and ShereKhan respectively

because cats

to answer myself, i have recently named my current computer Ether because I decided it was weird it didn't have a name. it is named after the Gang of Four song.

i have already decided if i can get my old laptop up and running again as a second computer it will be renamed (or rather named for the first time?) Conduit

@snoothy I named my laptop Sullivan, because I thought it seemed like it a good name for a thing to have.

@snoothy I used to name them after different kinds of wolves, but I got really bad at keeping the names straight. >_<

@snoothy Awesomenator

...I never said it was a good name, just- a name



Not any more than I named my car "Brad" like the young person on the insurance ad.

@Algot that commercial is so annoying.

i've just been thinking about electronics and how attached we are to them and wondering if it is really to individual machines or just in more a general sense

i guess it's another way of asking- does the computer you have right now mean anything to you or could i replace it right now with a different computer (with the same age/specs, not a new one) without you caring at all?


I would care only because I'd need to go through the installation of all the software that I use...making it possible to love the technology for what I can do with it. Libre Software!

I "cared" about my TRS-80 enough to foolishly keep in in the cellar all these years since, sadly unused, but still liked.

Dozens of other machines have run in the middle, often more than one at a time (work, home, road). I've enjoyed some, disliked others, but never "loved" enough to name. Some have had a second skin of stickers, though.

To be fair, trs-80 is not something you move casually.


That is very true. Lots of bits to shift.

I actually would expect it to boot if I did reassemble the parts...maybe not much luck loading programs or data from those old floppies!


I would always go for newer hardware, though. No real point in missing the benefits of an upgrade if I'm going to all the work.

@snoothy My laptop is Nelson, after a cat my mother had.

@snoothy yes. it's how I was raised. I also name bikes, and I'd name a car if I ever got one. didn't name this phone tho, which feels like an oversight

@snoothy Most of my computers have been named after some feature of their case or appearance.

DeepBlue because it originally had very bright blue LED fans (and may need renaming now). Inky (my former PC) because it was in a black case. Gappy (my parents' computer) because I broke a drive slot cover and it has a permanent hole now.

I haven't named my laptop yet, because I'm not sure what distinguishes it yet, other than being a laptop.

@snoothy My old naming scheme was after characters in Halldor Laxness novels. I have too many computers so I’m going with Sanrio characters.

It’s mostly for networking purposes.

@snoothy I probably just named them because the OS installer lets you customise it and it's a thing computers apparently should have.

(I guess it does make it easier to figure out what's what on the local network.)


I name all of them. I work on a bunch of systems, so having cute names for them make them much easier to differentiate.

@snoothy I’ve always given my computers the same name or variation of that name, because it’s my homie and it deserves a name. It would be too rude to not name your homie.

i am really liking reading everyone's computer names, please keep them coming :)

@snoothy yes! The laptop I kept from my old job is named "torch" and the one from new job is named "flame".

@snoothy also my phone is named Invictus because it's always with me and I loooove that poem

@snoothy Servers are ~buildings - structural names for structural purposes. :blobpeek: Working on a NAS dubbed "Alexandria," and I want to set up an HTPC too (tentatively "Broadway").

Personal computers are weapons, because they're tools for me to digitally enact my will... plus I'm a D&D nerd :d20: My Chromebook is "Stiletto" (slim and silent), and my current desktop is "Morningstar" (big and heavy). My last personal laptop was "Falchion," the design was all sharp angles.

@snoothy All mine are names drawn from Erisian theology. Names I've used since I started this:

- Eris
- Fnord
- Malaclypse
- Discordia
- Chao
- Greyface

Next up will probably be Hodge and then Podge.

@snoothy All of my computers are named after genes. This one is Lark. Before that was Quaking.

I did, I named it "door" (from Neverwhere)

The sysadmins made me change it back to myname-laptop because there was an existing hostname and this enraged the puppet gods.

That existing host was actually a door.

"door" is a terrible hostname for a door IMO

@xurizaemon @snoothy They really missed a trick not calling it something like jim-morrison (or lizard-king)

@snoothy yes, because we're still in the stone age of computing where they can't be seamlessly combined

my computers are all named after mathematicians. my media devices are named after alchemists.

@snoothy I name my devices after minerals, usually ores that yield something relevant. It's more a designation of convenience than personality, and a bit of "hello this is what kind of nerd I am" for anyone finding me on a network.

My laptop is Boehmite, my phone is Bastnäsite, my Kindle is Galena.


bugs! they've all got bug-ish names

it started when I named one I built the big old bug (after the flaming lips song), and then I realized that various sorts of arthropod (well, insects and arachnids, mostly) nicely express the characteristics of different computers

Always the most self-aggrandizing, ridiculous name I can imagine. I think I'm on "Thraepokolips" now, and "TEUFEL" was before.

@snoothy my computer did not have a name until very recently when i named it GORM, which is actually just GO (my name) + Retina Macbook (what it is) but it is also fun to say


I name mine based on the NetBSD port they use, since I'm a NetBSD user. I have themes for each port:

i386: Neon Genesis Evangelion (children)
amd64: Neon Genesis Evangelion (angels)
xen: The World Ends With You
evbarm: Tales of Symphonia