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@davidpgil @mediapathic This isn't using #Org Mode as a blog generator itself, but #hugo does let you write blog/page entries in #orgmode format, if that's what you prefer.

@davidpgil This is just a different way of doing so, with templates and site organization.

@davidpgil You're welcome. I selected #Hugo for restarting my blog after moving away from #PyBlosxom, and deciding to go fully static, because it seemed simple.

Themeing can actually be a little complex until it clicks.

@davidpgil One thing I don't love about Hugo is that you can't just switch themes freely without doing a lot of other customization. That is, to some extent you build your site to your theme, and themes are not drop-in compatible with each other.

@davidpgil No #Jekyll experience here. Did not want to get involved with Ruby ecosystem.

David Philipe Gil @davidpgil

@gcupc thats thing... I do want to get involved with running my own instance at some point on the same computer as my blog... however i do wonder if id be in order my head too quickly. i already tried installing mastodon and failed. thinking i may need to learn first before trying again...